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There are only four components - liquids for electronic cigarettes

There are only four components - liquids for electronic cigarettes

The principle of operation of electronic cigarettes, which are gradually replacing traditional tobacco products, is quite simple. A special liquid is poured into the vape cartridge, which then passes through a vaporizer, turning into a cloud of aromatic vapor. With the help of flavoring additives, all sorts of taste sensations can be created, satisfying the most sophisticated requests of vapers – it is no secret that most users simply enjoy the process of smoking electronic cigarettes.

The rapid growth in popularity of vapes, which today are one of the most common fashion gadgets, is accompanied by active discussion in society. Whether electronic cigarettes are truly a completely safe substitute for tobacco and whether one can vape as much as they want without causing harm to themselves or others is a question that should be carefully studied by examining the composition of the liquid, as it is the main component of any electronic cigarette regardless of its type.

What is the liquid for electronic cigarettes made of

Despite the variety of flavors available for sale, the basic composition of e-liquid is the same. There are four components in total:

  • propylene glycol, which is the base for the liquid;
  • vegetable glycerin, which promotes vapor formation;
  • food flavoring, which creates the taste sensation;
  • nicotine of synthetic or organic origin.

All of the listed chemicals used in the liquid are widely used in the food, perfume, and pharmaceutical industries, are non-toxic, and are considered safe for health, as evidenced by the results of many years of laboratory research. Only high-quality components with a maximum degree of purification (approximately 99.9%) are used in the production of mixtures.

Let's take a closer look at each of the listed components.

Propylene glycol (PG) is colorless and odorless, but has a slightly sweet taste and is a good moisture retainer. It is non-toxic and widely used as a food additive, a substitute for blood plasma, in the preparation of medicines, cosmetics (toothpaste, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, ointments), and in the treatment of tobacco mixtures. In e-cigarette liquids, it acts as a base, dissolving and combining all other components, and also enhances the action of flavorings and improves the taste transmission.

Glycerin (VG) is a thick, clear liquid with a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is made from palm oil or soybeans, but sometimes vegetable fat-based glycerin is also used. VG is also widely used in the production of cosmetics and food products as a moisturizer and thickener. Glycerin is present in almost all products and cosmetics that we use every day. In vaping, VG is used to increase vapor production and provide visible volume.

Flavoring additives give vapor a pleasant smell and taste. Only special concentrated food flavorings of natural or artificial origin based on propylene glycol, which are heat-resistant and do not release any harmful substances, are used to prepare liquids. By combining different aromatic concentrates, it is possible to accurately mimic any flavor sensations, even the most complex ones. To increase safety in the vaping industry, commonly used oil-based food flavorings and diacetyl, which is often used to flavor regular cigarettes, are not used.

How safe are liquids for vaping

As we can see, the liquids for electronic cigarettes consist mainly of non-toxic and harmless substances for the human body. Moreover, they are present in virtually all products we eat, indispensable for the production of hygiene products, cosmetics, medicines, etc. However, the safety requirements for the components of vaping liquids are much higher because they are subject to heating and should not release any toxic substances, even in small doses.

The only component with a peculiarity is nicotine, which is officially classified as an alkaloid and a neurotoxin that causes addiction. It is necessary in the liquid to satisfy the body's need for nicotine, which is also a good stimulant. Initially, electronic cigarettes were designed for people who wanted to quit smoking without causing serious discomfort. The concentration of nicotine in the liquid can be regulated by gradually reducing its content, thus comfortably getting rid of nicotine addiction. At the same time, vapers who do not want to break up completely with their long-standing habit can use the delicious vapor to get enough nicotine to relieve unpleasant sensations, without being exposed to the action of carcinogenic tars and other extremely harmful substances released during tobacco combustion.

How is the circulation of e-liquids regulated by legislation

Depending on the amount of nicotine, e-liquid mixtures are divided into categories:

Nicotine salt:

  • medium strength (25-30 mg);
  • strong (50 mg).

Organic nicotine:

  • light (0-3 mg);
  • medium strength (6 mg);
  • strong (12 mg and above).

E-liquids with zero nicotine content have also become widely available – they are aimed at those who have already eliminated the daily need for a stimulant but do not want to part with the familiar flavor, which can easily be imitated with flavored vapor.

In the legislation of the European Union and now Ukraine, e-liquid for electronic cigarettes is considered a excisable product that requires special labeling. To sell ready-to-use e-liquid and vapes, it is necessary to obtain a license and collect the same package of permits required for legal trade of alcohol or tobacco products. As a result, the practice of selling self-mixing component kits is becoming more widespread. Unlike ready-to-use e-liquid, components are not considered excisable products according to current legislation, and the restrictions and prohibitions that apply to the sale and advertising of tobacco products do not apply to them.

Octolab, one of the leading players in the wholesale market of vape products in Ukraine, under the brands Octobar, Black Limit Salt, TWINS, Vape Mix Kit, and IONIQ, produces and supplies a wide range of component kits for various types of e-cigarettes. The circulation of this product is not subject to legislative regulation or excise labeling, which allows it to be more attractive and affordable for wholesale and more versatile for retail customers. In addition, when mixing the components themselves, users can adjust the proportions of the ingredients, creating a liquid that suits their taste, for example, adjusting the ratio of propylene glycol and glycerin depending on the characteristics of their device, experimenting with flavors, and increasing or decreasing the nicotine concentration.

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