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What is the best e-liquid for vaping

What is the best e-liquid for vaping

Electronic cigarettes, initially conceived as a comfortable way to quit smoking, have become extremely popular, and vaping is rightly considered one of the significant fashion trends in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of our compatriots, many of whom have never even tried traditional tobacco cigarettes, smoke exclusively for pleasure or because it is trendy and cool. To meet their demands, manufacturers of vaping products offer a wide range of goods – from designer devices and electronic cigarettes of different power to liquids with various flavor additives.

Navigating such a variety of proposals can be very difficult, especially for beginner vapers who have not yet had a chance to try all the most popular flavors. Therefore, they often have questions about what is the best e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. Owners of reusable devices with refillable cartridges have an easier time – they can easily switch from one flavor to another until they find the one they like the most. However, those who use disposable vapes without the option of refilling have to carefully study reviews about the proposed fillers since frequently changing them is environmentally unsustainable.

The most popular mixes among Ukrainian vapers are considered to be:

  • berry;
  • fruit;
  • baking and dessert;
  • tobacco flavor;
  • lemonade;
  • energy drink.

The berry mix stands out with a pleasant original taste with a slight sourness that is usually liked by both beginners and experienced vapers. It contains notes of blackberry, lemon, raspberry, and blackcurrant. Many are also attracted to the fresh sweet and sour taste of green apple, the sweetness of strawberry, and the exotic taste of tropical fruits.

By combining various food flavorings, mixologists can accurately reproduce the taste of sweet caramel, cake, muffins, and citrus – after a few puffs, the vaper gets a full feeling, as if they just tasted a delicious fruit pastry. The lemonade mix refreshes perfectly, and the energy drink creates a great mood for the whole day. Smokers with a long-standing habit of smoking usually choose blends with a cigarette flavor when starting to get rid of their tobacco addiction simply because they are used to it.

What is the purpose of nicotine-free vape juice

In addition to flavor, one of the main criteria for choosing e-liquid for electronic cigarettes is the percentage of nicotine content. Manufacturers usually divide their blends into categories:

salt nicotine:

  • medium strength (25-30 mg);
  • strong (50 mg).

organic nicotine:

  • light (0-3 mg);
  • medium strength (6 mg);
  • strong (12 mg and higher).

Each vaper chooses the appropriate liquid based on their individual need for nicotine. For those who have decided to quit smoking using a vape, they may need more nicotine to alleviate the discomfort that inevitably accompanies the process of quitting.

However, blends with a high nicotine content require careful handling to avoid accidental overdose and unpleasant side effects, which is why light and nicotine-free blends are the most popular. They are recommended for beginners who have not yet learned to calculate the proportions correctly, and nicotine-free refills are offered to those who simply want to enjoy the taste without the need for an additional stimulant in the form of nicotine. Nicotine boosters are also sold separately, which can be added to zero-nicotine blends, mixing them to taste.

Nicotine salt or organic nicotine – wholesale vape liquid.

As for the nicotine that is included in the e-liquid, it can be organic or in the form of nicotine salt. Organic nicotine boosters have been used in e-cigarettes since their appearance, but lately, nicotine salts – liquids based on artificially synthesized nicotine – have gained much more popularity. Such a mixture, compared to organic, has increased acidity – its pH is as close as possible to the parameters of the human body, which allows nicotine to be quickly absorbed and intensely saturate the blood with the stimulant.

The main advantages of nicotine salts are:

  • the vaping effect is felt after just a few puffs;
  • there is practically no throat hit when smoking;
  • a clean taste without foreign impurities;
  • less consumption compared to organic nicotine.

Salt-based e-liquids are very cost-effective because nicotine saturation occurs very quickly, reducing liquid consumption and allowing a vape bottle to last on average for a week. In addition, by reducing the capacity of the cartridge, the size of the pod is reduced, making it easy to fit in a pocket.

As we can see, the vape product market is very wide and diverse, and the popularity of a particular product depends largely on vaping trends and individual preferences.

Therefore, in order not to lose a customer, a store owner should offer them a wide range of products and keep them interested with the latest novelties. Octolab, one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes, invites dealers to cooperate in the sale of their most popular Octobar, TWINS, Vape Mix Kit, and Black Limit Salt component sets.

The vast majority of customers choose Octobar brand products, which are supplied in 10 or 30 ml bottles. Its advantages include:

  • a well-known brand with a large fan base, providing regular repeat sales;
  • stylish NFT-themed design;
  • advanced SuperFlavor 2.0 technology;
  • perfect formula of saturated preferences;
  • strength of 50 mg/ml (salt nicotine);
  • compatibility confirmed by tests with the most popular pod systems and disposable e-cigarettes.

Black Limit Salt (30 ml format):

  • belongs to the affordable price segment;
  • a product line with a large audience of dedicated fans;
  • a convenient box with a stylish modern design;
  • a wide range of strength adjustment from 0...50 mg/ml (salt nicotine);
  • a large selection of flavor combinations, including over ten mixes.

TWINS and Vape Mix Kit (30 ml format)

  • one of the first sets specifically designed for the Ukrainian market;
  • a time-tested product that has received many positive reviews;
  • pleasant and well-balanced flavor;
  • strength of 50 mg/ml (salt nicotine);
  • attractive price.

IONIQ set with organic nicotine strength of 3 mg/ml

  • a choice of seven flavor mixes designed for classic vape enthusiasts;
  • 60 ml bottle volume;
  • VG/PG ratio of 70/30;
  • suitable for tanks, drippers, and MTL.

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